Life at SCGP

SCGP respects the diversity, equity, and inclusion of
each individual.These values have accompanied SCGP
throughout many years of operation.Successfully
motivating. SCGP to accelerate its leadership in
the field of providing comprehensive
packaging solutions for consumer needs.

“SCGP is committed to inspiring and ensuring happiness while working. When you enjoy your daily work,
your performance will benefit
not only organization but also yourself.”

Mr. Danaidej Ketsuwan
Never Say No to Opportunities. Create Value to Yourself

“My determined mindset is that I have
never said 'No' to any opportunity.
I know it will create value for me.
Thanks to my job here, I've grown
a lot personally and professionally.
I am now able to take care of, assist,
and even inspire others with benefits to employees involved and the firm
as a whole.”

Ms. Minh Ngoc Phan Thi
I am not just a salesperson. I am also a thinking partner.

“I personally love sales and
services-related jobs. So, when I am here
with a good supervisor and team,
I am happy heading to my shop. At work,
I am not just a salesperson. But I am
a thinking partner for my customers.”

Mr. Thaweeshok Kontrong
Inspirations and ideas can come anytime, anywhere

“Because inspirations and ideas
can come anytime, anywhere,
I think we should not be required to
required to work only at a certain location and during certain hours. Sometimes,
I need the right ambiance for a spark of
idea. SCGP supports me in this aspect.”

Mr. Suchanat Chidthai
SCGP Invests on a New Production Base in Northern Vietnam Boosting Integrated Operations to Meet Growing Packaging Demands in ASEAN
SCGP is moving ahead with an expansion plan to create a new production complex in the north of Vietnam and establish a packaging paper production base within the complex with a total investment of over 8,133 billion VND. The commercial start-up is expected in early 2024 to integrate SCGP’s operations in Vietnam and meet the challenges of the steadily growing packaging market. Vietnam has strong domestic consumption and is an important export base in the region. The country is a big draw for multinational companies to invest operations there, especially to the northern part. The demand of packaging paper and related packaging products in Vietnam is expected to increase at approximately 6-7% per year during 2021-2024 (source: Frost & Sullivan).
In order to grow alongside other industries in Vietnam and to meet increasing demands for packaging products, SCGP has decided to expand through Vina Kraft Paper Co., Ltd. A new major complex will be introduced in Vinh Phuc; a strategically important area in the northern part of the country, as well as adding packaging paper production facilities to boost capacity by about 370,000 tons a year. We expect the plan to be completed and the commercial production to begin in early 2024. This will result in VKPC’s total packaging paper capacity of 870,000 tons per annum which will complement our expansion plan and maximize our competitiveness for the future.
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